Illustration Bonanza

Retro Whale has some pretty fun prints and coaster sets. There's some Royal Tenenbaum, Sixteen Candles, and Rushmore sets, among others. Check 'em out.

Tres Chic!

Garance Dore, one of the best known fashion bloggers in the world, is definitely someone to watch. Hailing from France, her style is always effortlessly chic. So chic, in fact, that a photo of her posted last week on The Sartorialist has generated over 380 comments. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, The Sartorialist is the creative genius of her boyfriend Scott Schuman. They say great minds think alike and in this case it's completely true. Her site, Garance Dore is truly inspiring.

Though she started out as an illustrator, it was her great fashion sense and photography that really captured the world's heart. She has incredible influence and can merely mention a brand of sunglasses or photograph a new pair of boots and sales go through the roof. Regardless of her accidental advertising, her photos can tell a story about each individual. Are they late for work? Relaxing on a New York City curb? Maybe they just fell in love. Luckily for the creatively challenged, she supplies a little information on the enchanting people she finds. The intimate way she describes her work makes one feel as though they've stumbled upon her diary or a personal letter to a friend.
Garance has mastered the art of blogging with her sophisticated, yet relaxed writing. She combines beauty, talent, and a little wit to everything she does. Readers of her page continue to brighten their day by simply following her everyday, if not enviable, life.


Just a quick FYI, I'm currently writing for Houston Examiner's Style & Fashion section. Check it out here. I'm also starting a new blog which is in the works as we speak. I will keep yall up-to-date.

Parlez-vous francais?

In my quest to become more feminine and cultured, I've decided to learn French fluently, thanks in part to Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. So now my iPod is fully loaded with Carla Bruni and Joe Dassin. I also watched A very Long Engagement and Coco Before Chanel for inspiration. So far I've learned about two sentences completely. Not too bad considering I feel like I'm talking with marbles in my mouth. So in honor of the French, here are a couple of pictures of a famous French fashion icon. Pop quiz: Who is this Mademoiselle?

Google Earth Creeper

Artist Jenny Odell has created these amazing prints using Google Earth. The top picture has approximately 1,376 grain silos, water towers, and other circular buildings. The bottom one has 195 different types of boats. I'm in awe. And I wish I would've thought of it first.

Sock it To Me

I can't tell you how happy I am that socks are making a comeback. I mean, they've always been around, of course, but they're beginning to make the outfit rather than accessorize it. These are a few that I love from Urban Outfitters. I picked up a pair of white floral anklet socks yesterday and couldn't be happier. Now I just need some new heels to go with 'em.........

Look at that

While there are what seems like thousands of street style bloggers, I can't help but falling in love with them and their pictures. It's always inspiring to see others taking a chance with their clothes and it's quite refreshing to see something new. Here are a few photos of some street walkers (not the negative slang) that I've come to love. Check out for more.

Elegant Animals

I might be borderline obsessed with animal friends and the likes. These are very Mr. Fantastic Fox, which I loved. Check out Berkley Illustrations on his etsy site. If these are just too cute for you, there's some zombie prints also.


Margeurite Sauvage does some great illustrations. These are my favorite. Enjoy.


Sometimes (alot of the time) I think about how I'd decorate my (future) children's rooms and these illustrations certainly fit with the ideas I have. Love. Them. From Hocus.

Charlie Brown

With Anthropologie being one of my former employers, you'd think I'd tire of seeing the merchandise. But I don't. I just love it more and more. Though a little less since I don't get the employee discount anymore. Anyways, I'm liking these throw pillows.

But so pretty!

Though I am not a smoker and I'm definitely not trying to encourage the bad habit, I must say these are some of the prettiest cigarettes I've ever seen. I wish this was an advertisement for a deck of cards, but alas, it is not.


I realize that this book is for children but I really love the illustrations. The Happy Lion was written in 1954, but you can still buy it on Amazon.


I really enjoy these modern art prints from Kitchin Wizard. Super cute.

Bib Me Up

Flora Bond makes these great bib necklaces. They're one-of-a-kind. I'm now inspired and I'm pretty sure I have enough spare fabric and broken necklaces to try and make some myself.

My Closet in Sketches

Always a fun website to go to. Such great ensembles! Go see.

Paper Cuts

Su Blackwell so incredible. She's an English paper artist and her work is so unique. Last year, she had an exhibit at New York's Museum of Art and Design and she collaborates regularly with fashion designers, greeting card companies, and magazines like Vogue UK and Vanity Fair. To check out other pieces, go here.

Read Some Art

Brian Dittmer uses old books to make amazing pieces of art. His work has been showcased around the world. Check. Him. Out.

The Young and the Restless

I'm starting to get to the age where more than a few of my friends are beginning to have children. And while this scares me to no end, I find that shopping for these tots have begun to open new retail doors for me. There happens to be a great number of wonderful little shops where you can find unique toys without having to step foot in a dreaded Toys-R-Us. Here's a couple of little things I found at BobalooKid's. I sure could've used the crayon apron when I was little....

Paper Circus

Under the Stair Studios makes these to die for personalized cards. Full of whimsy, these completely stand out compared to the usual birthday card isle of CVS.

Pretty Dictionary

Virginia Beach's Mechanicality prints unique images on vintage pages of a dictionary to create a one-of-a-kind look. I'd love to order a few and group them together on the walls of my library... if I had a library.

Sarah Seven

Sarah Seven is one of my new favorite small designers. Not only does she make custom pieces designed for your body using recycled materials but she's also a bit of a philanthropist. 5% of all orders goes to charities. She currently has an NYC showroom and her items can be purchased at Lovely in NYC. For those who can't make it to either of those places, check out her Etsy site.


Being in a library has always made me feel so comfortable. Isn't this the neatest? It makes me want to write with quill and ink. Glasgow School of Art (Built 1909)