On the Road Again

I'm not sure why, but all of a sudden I've had an incredible urge to own an Airstream. It's like a little metal pill... Anyways, I guess with summer coming and vacations being planned, I think that getting an Airstream would be a super fun idea. And not just for the traveling part but for decorating. I really love this one I found. Pea green happens to be one of my favorite colors so this one is tops.

Just a little education

Something about India has always interested me. Maybe it was growing up watching 'A Little Princess'. I just find the people fascinating. The women even look chic farming, wearing badass bangles and eye kohl. It seems strange that one of the most populated countries in the world can still hang on to such ancient traditions. These are just some of the pictures from the Associated Press taken for the Kumbh Mela Festival where people bathe in the Ganges River. This pilgrimage is the largest religious gathering in the world.

Quite Sharp

Charlie Kratzer apparently couldn't find any wallpaper he liked so he just drew his own. With $10 worth of Sharpie and Magic Marker, he drew over every inch of his basement. What a cheap and simple solution to your wall covering needs.

Words Can't Describe

I am truly in love with this photographer. Totally and truly in love. She pretty much sums up my love of all things abandoned. Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy trespassing just so I can look at beautiful, rundown places. In fact, just last month I was asked to leave after being caught checking out an abandoned mansion. Apparently Henk van Rensbergen has better luck than me. He's traveled the world to take amazing photos (and also because he's a professional pilot) and I could not be more satisfied with his work. Even his website is interesting. You simply must check out his site.

Please sit

I've never been a huge fan of tattoo inspired products, mainly because I'm constantly reminded of Ed Hardy clothes and the fools who wear them. But this chair caught my eye. Tattoo artist Scott Campbell makes one of a kind art including this skull chair. Find more at his site.