Google Earth Creeper

Artist Jenny Odell has created these amazing prints using Google Earth. The top picture has approximately 1,376 grain silos, water towers, and other circular buildings. The bottom one has 195 different types of boats. I'm in awe. And I wish I would've thought of it first.

Sock it To Me

I can't tell you how happy I am that socks are making a comeback. I mean, they've always been around, of course, but they're beginning to make the outfit rather than accessorize it. These are a few that I love from Urban Outfitters. I picked up a pair of white floral anklet socks yesterday and couldn't be happier. Now I just need some new heels to go with 'em.........

Look at that

While there are what seems like thousands of street style bloggers, I can't help but falling in love with them and their pictures. It's always inspiring to see others taking a chance with their clothes and it's quite refreshing to see something new. Here are a few photos of some street walkers (not the negative slang) that I've come to love. Check out for more.

Elegant Animals

I might be borderline obsessed with animal friends and the likes. These are very Mr. Fantastic Fox, which I loved. Check out Berkley Illustrations on his etsy site. If these are just too cute for you, there's some zombie prints also.


Margeurite Sauvage does some great illustrations. These are my favorite. Enjoy.