Sleepy Jean

As my time outside grows, I continue to search for more things to put outdoors. These are just some of the amazing daybeds I've found. The Onion is one of my favs. Too bad it's already in the high nineties here with 85% humidity and more mosqitoes than an African jungle. But I can still dream...

My Left Mitten

I've always thoroughly enjoyed drawing, doodling, and the likes so when my good friend Amanda Josephine made her bold move to Spain, she decided to draw her memories and I couldn't be more pleased. See more here.


My very talented friend, Kate De Para, happens to make these fab journals. Inspired by nature and natives, these super cute journals make awesome gifts. Being an avid (daydream) writer, I'm dying to get one. Check them out at here.

Mint, please

Mint juleps with lemon happen to be one of my favorite drinks. On a vacation to Oak Alley this past summer, I opted to hang out on the balcony rather than taking part of the tour, not because I'm a lush but because they have some of the best mint juleps in the world. So I decided to plant some mint and make 'em myself. The plant (pictured above) has flurished and I couldn't be happier.

Candlelit Dinner

With summer just around the corner, I've decided to have dinners outside. Light some candles and have ice cold Pierre on hand and your evenings will be perfect. Now that I'm cooking more, I'm on the lookout for random, mixed plates. I love layering non-matching chargers, dinner plates, and saucers.

Feed Me

Recently I've had a great desire for feed bag pillows. I've found a few at some antique stores in the Heights but the prices were a little ridiculous to say the least. I came across mysweetsavannah's Etsy shop and found these pillows. Enjoy.

Battle of the Chairs

"Chairs have feet, and feet are for kicking!" says designers of this new foosball table Jakob Maurer, Rupert Adlmaier, and Thomas Egger. Instead of players, they used different types of furniture. Probably the most unique foosball table I've ever seen.