Tres Chic!

Garance Dore, one of the best known fashion bloggers in the world, is definitely someone to watch. Hailing from France, her style is always effortlessly chic. So chic, in fact, that a photo of her posted last week on The Sartorialist has generated over 380 comments. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, The Sartorialist is the creative genius of her boyfriend Scott Schuman. They say great minds think alike and in this case it's completely true. Her site, Garance Dore is truly inspiring.

Though she started out as an illustrator, it was her great fashion sense and photography that really captured the world's heart. She has incredible influence and can merely mention a brand of sunglasses or photograph a new pair of boots and sales go through the roof. Regardless of her accidental advertising, her photos can tell a story about each individual. Are they late for work? Relaxing on a New York City curb? Maybe they just fell in love. Luckily for the creatively challenged, she supplies a little information on the enchanting people she finds. The intimate way she describes her work makes one feel as though they've stumbled upon her diary or a personal letter to a friend.
Garance has mastered the art of blogging with her sophisticated, yet relaxed writing. She combines beauty, talent, and a little wit to everything she does. Readers of her page continue to brighten their day by simply following her everyday, if not enviable, life.

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